Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Blehh! I have had the flu and still don't feel 100%.
So I thought I would cheer myself up with a new lay-out!
Great idea, right?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What a week

Wow I feel like I have been full circle back to my normal/bad eating habits. Thursday night I had some extra biccies and from that point on it has gone progressively worse.. Damn!
Anyway tomorrow morning I will be back on track again. I mean I lost weight so far so it has not all been for nothing..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


OOhhhh I love gadgets espacially when the are free. So I was thinking if I really wanted more traffic because I am doing this for myself right? yeah ok but why blog if nobody can read it so I have just installed my first counter. Hey it's still on zero so hopefully somebody will come.
If anybody knows some other interesting "free" gadgets please leave a comment!


I am soo cold today! Bleeeh! It's only my 3rd day and I already had enough. BUT I AM NOT GIVING UP!! Soo busy at work still so I guess that's good....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

weigh in

Ha ha that whole weigh in thing is keeping me up at night. I am thinking to start weighing myself every 5 days. Keep things more exciting and that's what it is all about right? keeping it exciting!
Anyway not much happened today the biggest challenges for me are the evenings and the weekends during a normal weekday I am too busy to think about food. It's when I am at home I get bored and start eating. Wonder if I can find a way around that one?

Monday, July 17, 2006


WOW it has been so busy at work today I actually did not even think of eating. Great!
After I got the boys from school I felt like a little something but lots of water is helping with that now.

For dinner toninght:
Pasta with garlic/mushroom tomato sauce and some extra veggies in there.
Can't wait..!


Ok I have just dropped my boys off at school.
I think they will be alight... well I hope so.

Anyway this morning the alarm clock went off at 6.30 and I got up tunred if off and went back to bed. That's a great first day effort don't you think? HA!

Anyway it's now 9.43 am and I am still on track, let's see what today brings. (hopefully coffee soon!)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

a plan.

Alright a food plan for tomorrow to start my first day might be really handy.
I think I will do breakfast and lunch now and see how dinner will go depending on how tired the boys are when the come home after their first day.

Get up at 6.30 a.m.
Big glass of water
Walk dog on beach, eat apple on walk
back at 7.15 - 7.30 breakfast
cup of tea & 2 x brown toast with jam no butter

Boys to school 9 am
Go to work have trim milk latte there.

12 o'clock go home for walk with dog
big glass of water
eat banana on walk
2 x brown bread + 1 boiled egg

back to work from 1-2.30 pm
pick up groceries
pick up boys from school at 3 pm

Home at 3.15 cut up fruit and carrots
and make sandwiches for boys with cheese

After that we'll see, probably soup and toast, yoghurt for dessert.

Also tomorrow morning first interaction with the scales... aaawww!

Lovely day

It's a lovely day today almost does not feel like winter anymore. Everybody is outside. We went for a walk with the dog in a reserve, boys started to nag a little "wanna go home" "I am so tired" thank god. I was tired too, can't move with all this weight. On a happier note I cannot wait to start tomorrow and feel better, sleep better you know generally be FITTER!

Sunday morning

Sunday morning I am going through my usual routine of eating last nights biccies, left over nuts, cheese whatever there is. I am starting to get a bit worried now about what tomorrow will bring.. better start preparing myself and make a plan today. So at least I have something to start from.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I have been out for dinner tonight with a girlfriend; Indian. I love Indian! But I am afraid no more Indian for a long time. My god the fatty naan's and creamy sauces cannot be very calorie friendly. I have to think of some cunning way to get her into doing some social-activities with me; like walking the dog, throwing a ball with the kids or something like that.
Gosh I love Indian.

Note to self

Just come back from the beach/playground and I am again amazed how many Mums at playgrounds are ginormous. All that wobbily fat when they are walking/running/playing. The strange thing is I seem to only be able to see it when I have made my mind up to start living healthier/dieting again.

2 days...

2 days and then my boys will be going to school. I think this is one of those moments in your life where you relfect on what has been accomplished so far. I have done well, really well except for that one thing; getting my weight under control. It's one of those things that I wake up with and go to bed with it always sits there in the back of my mind. I am a strong woman with many battles behind me and I am positive I can concur this one too! 2 days to go....